Software development projects and other miscellaneous code

An x86 disassembler written in C turned in for my Master's Degree, it can process ELF files and runs in windows, linux and OSX. It uses a data centric approach and was implemented using a pseudo object oriented paradigm built with pointers and structures.
A helper program written in Python used in the disassembler. It converts an  XML file with opcode definitions into an indexed database. The output is a binary blob that can be memory mapped and used directly by the dissassembler. 
A test program written in Java created for an assignment in distributed systems. It is essentially a chat system that can communicate by TCP, UDP or using an intermediary proxy. It was designed in such a way that the transport layer is separate from the application.
A simple web application in Node.js used to track reservations for test systems. It was done as the final assignment for a distributed system class. This is the server part, it allows a client to connect, reserve test systems and query the registration status.
search engine x:
A simple self contained keyword search engine implemented using Python, Flask and SQlite.
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